Epi Methods Subcommittee Call- Health Equity Data Analysis

This presentation will describe the Health Equity Data Analysis (HEDA) framework and how it might be used to better understand the root causes of inequities and develop community driven solutions. The HEDA process can help users uncover and understand the origins of health inequities, inform future priorities, and identify new communities to engage. The HEDA may also increase or reinforce understanding of health equity and health narratives, strengthen relationships and build capacity in community engagement and facilitation. Presenters will discuss the steps for conducting a HEDA and lessons learned from the process.            
  • Increase understanding of how to use an equity lens in the collection and use of data to inform community health strategies.
  • Increase understanding of the HEDA process.
  • Increased understanding of the use of qualitative data in health assessments

Kim Edelman MPH – Community Evaluation Coordinator for the Office of Statewide Health Improvement Program


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