Advice for Applying to Epidemiology Jobs at Public Health Agencies

The CSTE Early Career Professionals subcommittee hosted a webinar entitled “Advice for Applying to Epidemiology Jobs at Public Health Agencies” on Wednesday, May 5, 2021. As the public health workforce continues to grow, it is increasingly competitive to secure a position in the health department setting. This webinar focuses on applying for and obtaining epidemiology positions at State, Tribal, Local and Territorial health departments from the perspective of early career epidemiologists who have recently gone through it and epidemiologists who have been involved in the hiring process. The panelists are Jerusha Barton, Sarah Yoder, Amanda Jara and Keana Kaleikini. The panelists share their experiences, tips and strategies, and answer any questions during an open Q&A session for attendees. The intended audience for the webinar includes students, those looking to find an epidemiology job at a health department, and early career professionals. Topics covered during this webinar include: 

  • Navigating epidemiology positions at the state, territorial, local, and tribal level
  • Describing ideal job candidates and how to showcase valuable skills, training, and experience in your resume and application 
  • Detailing day-to-day experience and responsibilities in health departments. 

Point of contact for any questions: Sarah Auer (

CSTE Early Career Professionals subcommittee


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