Advancing through a Career in Epidemiology

The CSTE Early Career Professionals subcommittee hosted a webinar entitled, “Advancing through a Career in Epidemiology” on Friday, May 6, 2022. Advancement is an important component of any career and increasingly important as the public health workforce grows. This webinar focuses on advancing through the different stages of a career in epidemiology, particularly at State, Tribal, Local and Territorial health departments. The webinar features a panel of professionals who can speak to their experiences moving through their careers in public health and epidemiology (fellow to full-time epidemiologist, mid-level to senior, managerial roles, etc.) The panelists share their experiences and answer questions during an open Q&A session for attendees. The intended audience for the webinar includes students and early and mid-career professionals.  

Kim Gaetz, Nicole Eiden, Catherine Brown, Joli Weiss


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