What’s Trending: Analyzing Surveillance Data Over Time – 10/31/2019

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Speakers: Jared Parrish, PhD, is a Senior Maternal and Child Health Epidemiologist at the Alaska Division of Public Health.


This presentation will start with a description of the more common analytic methods, highlighting pros and cons of each, and conclude with a discussion on shifting from simply significance testing, to identifying and describing trends over time.

By the end of the webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Review trend analysis methodologies in the context of descriptive epidemiology
  • Describe basic methods used for testing significance of trend, including calculating minimum and maximum, percent change, Kendall Tau-b correlation, Cochran-Armitage Trend test, Chi-square test for trend, regression (Linear, Logistic, Poisson, Segmented)
  • Discuss the need to shift from testing the trend to describing the trend

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