Universal Blood Lead Testing Webinar – 2/2/2018

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  • Cliff Mitchell, MS, MD, MPH
  • Crystal Owensby, MS, MCHES
  • Michelle Kollett Almedia


After the webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Describe New Jersey’s law including the year of implementation, insurance coverage, and the role of local public health
  • Identify the components of initial outreach and education to health care providers
  • Recall 1 of 4 recommendations for moving from targeted to universal testing
  • Describe Rhode Islands’s lead screening requirements and lead screening rates
  • Identify initiatives for promoting lead screening
  • Define the approach used to evaluate Maryland’s lead testing goals and performance prior to the change in strategies
  • Describe the findings of the analysis used to create the new strategy in Maryland
  • Demonstrate the new strategy’s impacts and implementation challenges in Maryland

Webinar Slides