The Use of Alternate Data Sources for Public Health Data Analysis and Validation – 3/11/2015

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Speakers: Julie Lenoch, DVM, MPH. Dr. Lenoch is a Health Systems Integration Program fellow placed at the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Office of Health Informatics.


Health care and public health are in the midst of a significant transformation. Simultaneously, our ability to analyze large data sets is improving rapidly. State health departments may benefit from collaboration with private sector partners to augment data that is collected (either by mandate or voluntary reporting) at the state level, both to detect changes and trends in disease incidence, and to validate reported cases. Identification of opportunities for innovative data integration can improve validity and timeliness of data analysis, and may benefit state health department and local partners. 

The purpose of this webinar is to describe the public health options for alternate data sources and to discuss the collaborative efforts that might be considered to augment data historically collected at state health departments. 

After the webinar, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify existing options for alternate data sources.
  2. Understand benefits and limitations of alternate data from private sector partners.
  3. Identify system development and standards that may be useful to allow for integration and collaboration in the future.

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