Student Membership Webinar – February 2016 – 2/22/2016

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Speakers: Gianna Peralta, MPH, CSTE Applied Epidemiology Fellow, Georgia Department of Public Health, Acute Disease Epidemiology Section and Alice Yang, MPH, CSTE Applied Epidemiology Fellow, Hawaii State Department of Health, Family Health Services Division


By the end of the webinar, participants will be able to:
  • Describe the demographics, symptoms and treatment of affected patients
  • Understand the current guidelines for dental water quality and the public health impact of poor dental water quality
  • Discuss prevention and intervention methods to reduce transmission of potentially pathogenic bacteria through water used for dental procedures
  • Understand the importance of youth suicide and how survey data can capture critical information
  • Understand how to analyze “big data” (survey data) and apply the correct analytic models
  • Interpret the results of analyses and determine how to disseminate and communicate results to appropriate programs and policies

Webinar Slides

Webinar Slides