RCKMS Training Part 2 – 8/28/2017

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Janet Hui, MPH, CSTE staff lead on the RCKMS project
Antonio DaSilva, Northrop Grumman trainer and consultant to the RCKMS project


RCKMS Training Part 2 consists of a 1.5 hour class covering:
· Overview of RCKMS application
· How to use RCKMS Authoring module
· How to use RCKMS Test Manager module
· How to use RCKMS query and report functions

The agenda is as follows:

  1. Overview of RCKMS application
  2. How RCKMS represents default content
  3. Working with reporting specifications
    • Searching and viewing reporting specifications
    • Viewing and editing reporting specifications
      • Details
      • Criteria and Logic Sets
      • Rules Logic
      • Internal and External References
    • Deploying Reporting Specifications
  4. Creating and Running Test Cases using Test Case module
  5. Running Queries and Generating Report Output using Reports module

Training Part 2 Slide Deck

RCKMS Jurisdictional Administrator User Guide

Training Part 2 Procedures