Public Health Strategies to Prevent Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses in Oil and Gas Extraction (OGE) – WestON Symposium – 6/26/2015

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Speakers: Meredith Towle, JD Danni, Kyla Retzer, Eric Esswein, Michael Kosnett, Nathan Nordin, Herb Gibson, Maggie Cook-Shimanek, Adam Kickish, Liliana Tenney, Rick Ingram, and Robert Harrison


At the end of this meeting, attendees will have gained an appreciation of the challenges and effective public health approaches in occupational safety and health in this important industry sector. The goals of the meeting are to:
  • Develop strategies to track and prevent work-related injuries and fatalities;
  • Reduce exposures to silica and volatile organic compounds; and
  • Create and improve the workplace safety and health culture.

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