Notes from the Field: Zika Laboratory Diagnostics – 1/11/2018

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Speakers: Laura Kramer, Ph.D., Kelly Wroblewski, MPH, MT (ASCP), Andrew Cannons


Following the webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Describe how the biology of flaviviruses affect the ability to test for them.
  • Summarize currently available assays and their challenges.
  • Describe new approaches to testing for flaviviruses in general and Zika virus specifically.
  • Explain the diagnostic challenges public health laboratories experienced during 2016-17 Zika response.
  • Describe laboratories stand today regarding testing for Zika virus.
  • Restate the status of arbovirus testing in Florida before Zika.
  • Describe how Florida was able to build the testing capability during the outbreak.
  • Discuss the current status of Zika virus testing at the Florida laboratory.

Webinar Slides