Implementing the Data Security & Confidentiality Guidelines Webinar Series: Webinar #5: Active Responsible Stewardship – From Training to Responding – 8/26/2013

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Speakers: Vincent Fears, Gustavo Aquino, Patricia Sweeney, Medina Tipton, Lou Smith

Objectives:Active responsible stewardship includes not only having policies for how to do things but having plans for when things go wrong and policies are breached, learning from those experiences, and creating a culture of privacy that is reinforced through regular security and confidentiality training. In this webinar, we will highlight the related standards from the 2011 NCHHSTP Security and Confidentiality Guidelines and two health departments will share their approaches to good stewardship through development of confidentiality policies, procedures, and training, including responding to breaches and using a web-based annual training module.

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