Facilitating Epidemiology Best Practices and Collaboration across State Health Department Programs – 12/4/2014

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Speakers: Angela Rohan, PhD, CDC Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology Assignee to the Wisconsin Division of Public Health & Ousmane Diallo, MD, MPH, Chief Epidemiologist, Office of Health Informatics, Wisconsin Division of Public Health


Many state health departments have epidemiology staff embedded within topical program areas. Although this organizational structure provides strong links between epidemiologists and program staff, it does not facilitate interaction and collaboration of epidemiologists across programs and with other core data and informatics staff. The Wisconsin Division of Public Health implemented a Working Group model in an effort to increase opportunities for epidemiologic collaboration and communication. The purpose of this learning session is to provide an overview of the process for and the lessons learned through implementing this model in Wisconsin and to engage participants in a discussion of potential approaches to increasing collaboration among epidemiologists.

After the webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Identify some barriers to epidemiology collaboration across state health department programs.

  • Describe the purpose and key features of an Epidemiology Working Group model, including membership, organizational support, and how it might address identified barriers to collaboration.

  • Understand the steps for implementing an Epidemiology Working Group model, including group planning, administration, and potential meeting topics.

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