Disaster Epidemiology 101 – 5/1/2014

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Speakers: Ashley Conley, MS, CPH, Michael Heumann, MPH, and Hammad Akram, MD, MPH


Objectives: With every natural or man-made disaster, there has been a need for health data to assist planners, incident commanders and policy makers with the information they need to make decisions, allocate resources, and provide situational awareness of the health of the affected community. Disaster epidemiology can provide this data by using core public health components such as rapid needs assessments, health surveillance, epidemiologic research and tracking or registries. The purpose of this learning session is to provide an overview of the role of disaster epidemiology and to engage attendees in a meaningful discussion of surveillance during recent events, such as the recent fertilizer plant explosion in Texas.
After the webinar, participants will be able to:
  1. Define disaster epidemiology and its role in pre-disaster, disaster, and recovery phases.
  2. Demonstrate how disaster epidemiology methods have been applied in recent events.
  3. Describe how disaster epidemiology tools were used in the fertilizer plant explosion in Texas.

Webinar Slides

Webinar Slides