CSTE Food Safety Subcommittee Webinar: Colorado and Minnesota CoE Case Studies

Leslee Warren, MS- Food Safety Center of Excellence Epidemiologist, Colorado Department of Public Health u0026amp; Environment
Josh Rounds, MPH- Epidemiologist Senior, Minnesota Department of Health, Foodborne Diseases Unit
Colorado (Leslee):
  • Recall the format, target audience and intended use of the case study.
  • Describe the differences between the paper and online versions of the presented interactive case study.
  • Locate case study and other Colorado CoE trainings on Department’s website.
Minnesota (Josh):
  • Describe the process and methods that led investigators to a “threshold of confidence” that prompted them to take action.
  • Examine the epidemiologists thinking and activity on a day-by-day, case-by-case, and step-by-step basis as the investigation progresses.
  • Determine how leads are identified in an outbreak investigation and the extent that investigators will follow the leads.
  • Examine the nuances, complexities, obstacles, and decision nodes involved in these types of investigations.