CIFOR Guidelines and Toolkit Implementation Webinar for Public Health Professionals – 12/3/2015

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Speakers: Jeanette Stehr-Green, Angela Hagy, Quyen Phan, Jasmine Matheson, Dhara Shah

Objectives:This webinar is directed towards public health professionals at the state and local level who are directly involved in foodborne disease surveillance and outbreak detection, investigation, and control. The target audience includes epidemiologists, environmental health specialists and sanitarians, laboratorians, public health nurses, and public health educators. This webinar will help these audiences become more familiar with the CIFOR Guidelines, the CIFOR Toolkit process and materials, and experiences of other health departments in using these resources. The goal will be for audience members to be able to initiate and carry out actions to improve foodborne disease surveillance and outbreak detection and investigation in their jurisdictions.

Webinar Slides