ASPR Division of Fusion Programs: a CSTE Disaster Epidemiology Subcommittee Special Topic Webinar – 11/17/2017

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  • Kelly Bennett
  • Rob Shankman
  • LCDR Latasha Allen
  • Diana Kushner


After the webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the Division of Fusion’s role in HHS/ASPR/OEM
  • Identify the Division of Fusion’s mission
  • Explain GeoHEALTH’s functionality
  • Describe how GeoHEALTH can be used during emergencies
  • Describe how Fusion Analytics is used by HHS/ASPR
  • Indicate how the many Fusion Analytics dashboards have been utilized during an emergency event
  • Describe how the Division of Fusion received de-identified records to create visualizations and reports for senior leadership during emergency events
  • Explain how ASPR collaborates with CDC/Biosense to share de-identified electronic medical record information to state and local jurisdictions
  • Identify where the Division of Fusion’s Now Trending site can be located
  • Describe the uses of the Now Trending site

Webinars Slides